Weed Wacker Basics

String Trimmer Basics- Everything you Need to Know!

Checking why a weed wacker stalls when given gas can be a hassle. Luckily, we have done the research for you and have determined several reasons for this. Today, we will be going over some weed wacker basics and how to handle issues when they arise. Proper weed wacker maintenance is always advised.

What is a String Trimmer

A weed wacker or weedeater is an electric or gas powered machine that is used to cut weeds and sometimes grass. It can be used in both commercial and personal settings. There are not that many differences between electric weed wackers and gas weed wackers, however, the small difference that does exist makes it harder to choose between the two. With gas weed wackers, you have a loud device that requires a lot more maintenance and care. Although, with electric weed wackers, you are limited to only being able to cut around a certain area. To see our review guide on the best string trimmers click here.

Regardless of whichever weed wacker you choose, both do the same general job. If you are here today, you are likely using a gas weed wacker and you are understanding why they need a bit more maintenance than electric weed wackers. 

If some weeds are being more pesky than others and not being cut correctly, pull out more string. Longer strings means faster rotation and a sharper cut. 

Causes of Engine Stalls

The engine on your weed wacker can be stalling for several different reasons. We will go over some of the most common issues found with those using a gas weed wacker.


The filter is often one of the main reasons your engine might be stalling. Thankfully, it is one of the easiest causes to fix. Check to make sure your filter is installed correct. Otherwise, not enough air will be passing through and your engine will stall. If re-installing did not fix the issue, it is time to move on to other parts of the weed wacker.

Spark Plug

Corrosion is common amongst spark plugs. However, if it is damaged in any way or not properly installed, it can cause your engine to stall. Try replacing the spark plug if it is corroded or damaged and grab a multimeter to check all electrical connections inside the weed wacker.


If you have not caught on yet, if your engine is stalling, something is not installed properly or maybe has been knocked out of where it needs to be. So, checking high and low screws can save you some time when trying to locate the stalling issue. Adjusting these screws carefully is a good last resort if none of the other fixes worked for you. 


In conclusion, determining why a weed wacker stalls when given gas involves a lot of trial and error. Going through all of the different parts of the weed wacker is the best option. Try finding out which areas may be out of place or need changing. If all else fails, you will likely find it easiest to go to a local lawn care appliance store. This way, they can have a check for you. Check out What Kind of Oil to Mix with Gas for Weed eater and How to String a Weed Eater with Two Holes.