Leaf Blower Techniques

Leaf Blower Techniques that Everyone Should Know!

Most people do not think about using a leaf blower in a certain manner. That is perfectly understandable, however, you can get much more out of your leaf blower by studying certain leaf blower techniques. The different ways you can use a leaf blower is rather impressive. Learning these techniques will not only improve your efficiency but it will save you a lot of time in the long term. 

When thinking about using a leaf blower, most do not consider safety as it is such a safe device to use. Although this is true, doing any type of yard work requires careful attention to safety. You should make sure everyone involved has a pair of safety goggles to keep their eyes protected. Heavy duty work gloves are also a good thing to have. Lastly, wearing long pants will keep your legs from suffering whips or other unnecessary injuries. 

When to Start Leaf Blowing

Just like with most things, there is always a good to leaf blow and a bad time. For example, you do not want to be outside leaf blowing in the rain or when a storm is about to hit. Wet leaves are extremely hard to get up. So, even after a rainy day you will probably want to avoid doing any leaf blowing. Windy days are also not a great time to leaf blow. and is you have not purchased a leaf blower yet, check out our guide which cover the best gas leaf blower reviews. The wind will only destroy your work and will make things counterproductive. You will only waste time trying to leaf blow on a windy day. 

Plan Ahead

A great technique to use with leaf blowing is planning. Try to figure out where you want your leaves to go before you start. Gather a clear image in your head to save you trouble later on. All of your leaves will need to go in a singular pile in order to be picked up and clean easier later on. A great tip is to have a tarp laying in the area you want your leaves to go so that you can easily pick them all up at once. Also, make sure you are blowing in a certain direction. You do not want to go back to an area that you have already done because you blew leaves back that way. 

Can’t Avoid a Windy Day?

In the event that you can’t avoid leaf blowing on a windy day, there are a couple of techniques that you can use. Try working with the wind instead. Most of the time, wind will blow in single direction. So, if you can figure out which direction the wind is blowing in and only use your blower in that direction, you will find that the wind is more helpful than not. 

Water that has gathered into puddles along your driveway


In conclusion, there are many different things that you can think about when using a leaf blower. Some of these techniques you may have been familiar with, but others you likely have never thought of before. When it comes to leaf blowing, there is really no wrong way to do it. However, fixing a few small things can make the difference between taking hours to blow your yard, and take a single hour to do it.  Check out this article to learn about Leaf Blowers 101.