How to Use a Chainsaw

How to Use a Chainsaw and Look Like a Pro?

Chainsaws are very powerful tools for cutting wood and bushes. For many reasons, they are also very dangerous. Learning how to use a chainsaw is extremely important in order to prevent injuries or even death. No matter your experience with power tools, learning the proper method and practices when using a chainsaw is strongly advised. Click here to look at our chainsaw reviews.

How to Start a Chainsaw

You can not begin to use a chainsaw unless you are aware of how to first start one. Then process is relatively simple. Firstly though, you will require a few pieces of safety equipment. 


Take a quick read through the owner's manual before you begin starting the chainsaw. This will ensure that you have not overlooked any important details that could lead to disaster later on down the road. Having a clear idea of how to operate your chainsaw and also what it is capable of is vital before continuing. There are also a few other safety equipment that you will want to have before beginning:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Hard hat
  • Work gloves
  • Long pants
  • Steel-toed boots


For certain chainsaws, starting it is exactly the same among models. For example, cold engine chainsaws require that you sit it down on a flat surface and push the chain brake forward. Once it engages, turn the start button on. If your chainsaw has a decompression valve, push it and the primer bulb about 6 times. 

A good practice is to put your left hand on the on the front handle and your right foot on the rear handle. Now, start the chainsaw by pulling on the starting handle. Squeeze the throttle once the saw engages and push the choke in again. Turning off the saw simply involves switching off the ignition.

Using the Chainsaw

Using the bottom of the blade is the best way to cut as it offers a natural feeling. The way the saw is designed, it will push along the direction you cut when using the bottom. However, some branches and wood calls for you to use the top of the saw to cut it. This is perfectly fine but may prove a bit challenging and scary at first. The saw tends to push towards you when using the top of the blade. There is no real need to worry about this, just make sure to have the equipment listed above on and be cautious and prepared for the push back. 

Other than the top and bottom of the blade, there is really no other place you need to use to cut. Try and avoid the 'kickback zone' or top half of the bar's tip. There are many reasons you want to avoid this area, but the main reason is easily noticeable in the name of the piece. Sawing with this area will cause the saw to kick up back towards to. Most chainsaws today have a mechanism that will turn the saw off immediately in the event of this, but you should always be aware that it is still possible for the chainsaw to kickback onto you if used improperly. 


Chainsaws have several different applications and can be fun for some people. That is why if you ever have any plans to use a chainsaw, you should first know how to use it. There are ways that these machines can easily hurt you, so make sure to research up before beginning to use one. We have included a couple videos for you to get a better feel of using the chainsaw.