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How to String a String Trimmer with Two Holes? We Simplify It!

First time weed whacker users may find themselves having trouble changing the string. The process, however, is simple once you know what you are doing. Learning how to string a weed eater with two holes can be done. Following our simple guide at Greencollab, you will be on your way to getting your weed eater strung in no time. Check out Best Gas String Trimmer I Reviews of the Top Weed Whackers I 2018.

Getting Started

Weed Eater

Weed Eater

Before we go into the process of putting on the string, you need to understand that if not done correctly, lots of issues will arise. That is why the entire process can be frustrating at times. Once you do it once, you will have a much better understanding of the process.

Until then, you may want to give up after trying multiple times. Try not to. Persevere through the steps and become a master at it!

Step 1

At this point, you will want to collect your string and get it ready. The length of the string you want is dependent on how large your weed eater is. Typically, ‘eye balling’ this step is fairly simple. Get your trimmer line and a pair of scissors and cut out some string.

If you have not purchased trimmer line, you should make sure that the width of the string is the right width for your weed eater. Otherwise, you will end up going through all the steps and not having the weed eater work properly. Use your weed eater instruction manual or manufacturer website to find the proper size width to use. 

Step 2

Ensure the weed eater is fully turned off. If you are changing the string right after cutting, make sure not to burn yourself and be careful of the gearbox. Waiting until it cools down is advised. The bottom of the weed eater where the string sticks out is where you need to go next. This is called the retaining cap. It holds the string and every weed eater has a different way of opening this.

You may need to press in both sides of the cap and lift up. Others have you twist the cap off. Lastly, clicking on a single side may be the way to open it.

Step 3

String a Weed Eater

String a Weed Eater

Once you have the cap off, you should locate the starter hole. This should be relatively visible. Find the center of your string and fold it in half equally on both sides. Place this middle point inside the starter notch and pull tightly. Wrap the string around the cap nice and tight.

Some weed eaters two holes that you insert the tip of the string into. Using the directional arrows that are on the cap to wrap the string around in that direction. Try to use straight rows in order to avoid any jams while using the weed eater. With about 5-inches of string left, snap the cap into the retainer to keep it in place. Do this same process for both ends of the string.

Step 4

Take the string from the retainer and place them through both holes located on the weed eater head. Place the pool back into the weed eater head and reattach the retaining cap. You should be good to go after this.


Stringing a weed eater with to holes is not as difficult as you may have though. The hard part is getting used to the process itself. Making small mistakes like not tightening your string or not having it aligned in good rows will cause you headaches down the road. Knowing how to do the job is only the first step. Check out our post on the basics of string trimmers basics.