Cut a tree with a chainsaw

How to Cut a Tree With a Chainsaw?

​We have all had the pesky tree in our yard that needs to be cut. It could be a tree that got hit with a bolt of lightning, or one that is old and dying. Either way, it needs to be cut down. This is likely to happen to you at some point in time if you have not experienced it so learning how to cut a tree with a chainsaw ahead of time is a good idea. Today, you will learn just that. 

Proper Operation​​​​

It is extremely important to make sure that you understand how your chainsaw works before using it to cut down a tree and the team at has made a great guide. This includes reading the operation manual and cutting smaller logs to familiarize yourself with how the chainsaw works. Also, you should understand that all trees should not be cut down by you. Some may be well pass your expertise level and require a professional to cut it down. Examples are trees that are rotting or are excessively large. 

Observe the Area

The first step to learning how to cut a tree with a chainsaw is looking over the area. Make sure you do not see any other large structures or power lines near the tree you are wanting to go down. The last thing you want to do is mess up the power in your neighborhood. Also clear the area of friends, family, and pets. Keep them at a distance that is two times the height of the tree at the minimum. Safety should be your top priority throughout the task. 

Direction for the Fall

Look over the tree and notice the natural lean of it. You will want to cut the tree to where it falls in this direction. Once you determine the direction for the fall, you will want to plan out an escape route for when the tree actually falls. This escape route should be at a 45-degree angle. Make sure to clear the path as much as possible and remove any limbs, branches, or obstacles that could block your escape. 

Begin Your Cut

Align the tree up with your left shoulder and begin cutting at a 70-degree angle on the side where you want the tree to fall on. Determine the diameter of the tree and cut to about a quarter of that length. This is the most efficient way to do the process, but you can always use different methods when making your cut. 

Now, you are going to want to turn the saw side ways and cut until you meet where you made your first cut at. This will create a notch. It is important that you make sure both cuts meet each other and you get the notch shape. Now, you can make the falling cut by heading over to the other side of the tree and make a cut that is a little above the previous cut you made. This cut should be horizontal. 

Make this cut long enough to ensure you can insert a wedge into it. Then, finish the cut by driving the wedge in. Do not cut all the way through however. You should leave about 10% of the width free. Now, you can back away from the tree as the tree falls.  


Now, you should be able to cut down any tree you want. The steps are the same no matter what tree you are trying to cut down, just make sure you are capable of handling the tree before beginning. Where standard gear to protect yourself while cutting and always make sure to have a good escape route. Clear the area and you are good to go.