Weed Wacker

Gas vs Electric String Trimmer. Learn Which is the Best!

Weed wackers are very nice to have in almost any situation. Whether you are using them commercially or personally, it is almost always recommended in order to keep a nice and neat yard. However, many people find it difficult to choose between gas vs electric weed wackers. Since this is such a common debate between individuals, we decided to dive in to the topic and collect data on the differences between the two. As with most things, there are pros and cons to using each type of weed wacker. So check out or guide on which are the best gas string trimmer!

Gas String trimmer

Gas weed wackers are exactly what they sound like, a weed wacker that runs off of gas. Both gas and electric weed wackers are lightweight and easy to carry. They have the same primary use, to get rid of weeds and grass. Gas weed wackers differ from electric ones in their power and overall usability. Gas weed wackers can be used both personally and commercially as they work well in any type of grass, from tall to short. You also are not tied down by a cord and you can easily refill the gas tank at any time. 

On the downside, gas weed wackers are high maintenance. They run the risk of not working and require proper care in order to make them last longer. This is especially true when using them for commercial use and in larger areas of grass. They also are much louder than electric weed wackers and may cause headaches if used for an extended period of time. The noise coupled with the fumes emissions from the weed wacker work together to bother even the most experienced lawn care guru. 

Electric String Trimmer

Compared to gas weed wackers, electric weed wackers are much more eco friendly. They do not require gas to run and no fuel emissions are dispersed. They work exactly the same except for the source of fuel. Depending on whether you have a corded or cordless electric weed wacker, you may be restricted with the area that you can cut with an electric weed wacker. They are a lot more quiet than the traditional gas weed wacker and also a lot less complicated.

The noise that gas weed wackers produce is due to the many different processes going on inside it. Electric weed wackers do not have all of this. They are easier to start as you do not have a cord that you need to constantly pull to get the weed wacker going. 

Who Wins?

Between the two, it is up to preference on which would win. The electric weed wacker has a lot of great benefits though. It has more pros than cons when compared to a gas weed wacker. Being very eco-friendly and easy to start, electric weed wackers can do all the same things as a gas weed wacker. If you are not going to be using your weed wacker commercially, we would recommend going with an electric weed wacker. Getting an extension cord should give you more than enough room to get your yard cut and weeds removed.
There is almost little reason to get a gas weed wacker other than to be able to cut your yard and weeds faster and cover more ground in a large field. Check out What Kind of Oil to Mix with Gas for Weed eater? and How to Use a String Trimmer?