Sharpening a Chainsaw

Chainsaw Sharpening Angles for Begginers

After excessive use, it is only natural that your chainsaw blades get dull. This is when you will have to likely bring out the chainsaw sharpener and get to fixing your blades. If you are new to chainsaws, you may not be aware of the correct chainsaw sharpening angles to use. That is okay! Many people are not even aware that certain sharpening angles produce a different quality of sharpening. Today, we will be going over the different sharpening angles you can take and discussing the best to get the optimum sharp chainsaw blade. First start by getting a great chain saw and you can start by looking at our Best Chainsaw Reviews. Check Out Our Top Rated Recommendations!.

Sharpening Tips

There are many ways to sharpen your chainsaw blade. There is no correct answer to the question also. It is all up to personal preference. However, there are a few chainsaw sharpening tips that we can give you to make sure you get the best sharpening as possible.

  • Before beginning to sharpen, get a felt tip pen and mark one cutter with it. Do a couple of strokes and see how much material you have been able to get rid of. Looking closely at the surface, you should be able to notice if it is uniform or not. if so, you are doing something right and should continue, otherwise, you might want to check if your file is good or if you are holding the file too high or low. 
  • Try to avoid waiting until your blade is fully dull before sharpening it. This is a very common and bad mistake to make. You should be sharpening your blade regularly over the course of using it. This will keep it at full sharpness for longer than it would if you sharpened every time it went dull.
  • If you keep track of the number of file strokes that you make for each cutter, you can easily make sure they are all identical length. Also, if you notice one row is shorter than another row, you likely applied to much pressure while filling a certain row. The best way to fix this is complete one or two strikes on that longer cutters and make them as smaller as the one that you messed up on.

Good Chainsaw Sharpening Angles

The angle of the file you are using will strongly depend on the type of saw you are sharpening. A few good angles are:

  • File down angle
  • Depth gauge angle
  • Side plate cutting angle

If anything, you should always remember to sharpen your chainsaw frequently. Waiting until it is dull is a bad idea as this will not keep your chainsaw as sharp or level as it would if you sharpened it regularly. A good practice is sharpening it when you plan on refueling. 

Filing the Chain

Filing the chain is not as difficult as most believe. To begin, you are going to want to locate the shortest cutter as you want the other cutters to match this one. It is easier to grind down as you can not add on metal. 

  1. Get your filing gauge and put it on the chain. Look at the direction of the arrows on the guage and make sure it is pointing towards the direction of rotation for the chain.
  2. Get the round file and use a 90-degree angle to file. Make sure to use both hands and make sure it is resting nicely on both rollers. Use smooth strokes while filing away from you
  3. Repeat this process on each tooth. Make sure all the teeth are the same length and as sharp as you can get them.


There are other ways to sharpen your chain. using chainsaw sharpeners is a great way to not have to worry about getting the right angle down. However, these can be costly. No matter what method you choose for sharpening your chain, you should be good to go after reading over our article today.