How to split wood

Learn the Best Way to Split Wood Without Breaking Your Back

Splitting wood is a common practice nowadays and learning the best way to split wood is important. Whether you need the wood to start a bonfire, or simply to start your camp fire, being able to split your wood efficiently and quickly is necessary. From using a log splitter to getting your ax out and splitting the wood, there are multiple ways to get the job done. Today, we will only be going over the best way to split wood. 

Using a LeverAxe to Split Wood

When you think of a LeverAxe, imagine an axe that is designed specifically for splitting wood and making the task easier. This type of axe is brand new and just recently got funded through Kickstarter. The design of the LeverAxe has a wider wedge that allows for you to use a shorter distance to split wood easier. 

Using a Wedge and Hammer to Split Wood

One of the more old and traditional methods, using a wedge and hammer to split wood is still extremely effective. It only requires that you place the wedge on the wood and hit it with a special hammer. It is a slow method, but it works well when you do not have much wood to split and you do not want to spend a lot of money on newer methods of splitting wood. 

Using a Log Splitter to Split Wood

Log splitters are one of the most common ways to split wood. It is a machine that works through hydraulics to automatically push wedge through the wood. This is the easiest method to split wood as it requires little to not effort on your part. There are two different types of splitters you can buy: manual pump and automatic pump. At Greencollab we review the best log splitters! The only downside to log splitters is that they can get relatively expensive compared to other options.  

Partially Cut the Wood with a Table Saw

Think of getting a piece of paper and creating a crease in it before tearing it. It simply makes tearing the paper easier. That is basically what you can do with a table saw. It makes cutting the wood easier. Get a table saw and cut along the log. Now, when you get a traditional ax, the wood is already partially cut and you can easily finish the job with the ax. 

The only issue with this method is it can get dangerous. You just have to be alert when cutting the log and keep your hands safe and away from the blade. Proper cutting with the saw requires proper technique that you should be familiar with before trying this method.


There are so many different ways to split wood that it is hard to choose one particular method as the 'best'. You are fully in charge of choosing which method you find best. Other techniques are also available that you may find better than what we have listed here. If you have the money, however, using a log splitter is easily the best and most simplest way to split wood. Check out what size hydraulic pump do you need.