Best Log Splitter I Reviews of the Top Electric and Gas Splitters I 2018

Everyone's familiar with what men do before winter. They grow bushy beards, throw on a flannel shirt, and start swinging an ax around like a psychopath. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. They just need firewood.

But it gets old after a while. This is when it’s time to find the best log splitter.

Best Log Splitter Reviews

best electric log splitter 
Boss Industrial ES7T20 

Boss Industrial ES7T20

This Boss Industrial Electric Splitter will take your wood cutting experience to a whole new level. It is very convenient to use. It makes use of a powerful 2 HP electric motor that can deliver 7 tons of cutting force, perfect for huge projects. There are no harmful emissions unlike with a gas log splitter. 

The construction is heavy duty and contains only the best materials. With a 3500 PSI hydraulic system, this is one of the best log splitters on the market according to electric log splitter reviews. It also has an auto ram return feature which will reset the splitter and make things much easier for solo users. Lastly,  you will find that this splitter is both lightweight and portable. You do not have to set up the splitter once you get it and it has rubber wheels that can withstand a lot.


  • check
    Power splitting force because of its 2 HP electric motor
  • Convenient; One handed operation
  • 2 year residential warranty


  • times-rectangle-o
    Hard to assemble. Instructions in the manual are hard to understand
  • times-rectangle-o
    Works slowly on big pieces of woods (10 inches or more in diameter)
  • times-rectangle-o
    Difficult to request for warranty on parts and service

best log splitter for the money
WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Unit

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton

Forget about enduring pressure in the palm of your hands. Transform logs easily into firewood using the WEN Electric Splitter. This model uses a 15 amp 2.5 HP motor that can cut logs measuring 10 inches or more in diameter. It comes with a free heavy duty stand that can elevate the cradle 34 inches off the ground. It can be moved easily using its on-board pull handle and two wheels.

Taking out extremely hard wood that you never though you could it perfectly accomplish-able with this log splitter. Unlike the Boss Industrial log splitter, this one is two hands and is safe to use. It also comes with a fume free design which will prevent any emissions of carbon monoxide or other toxic chemicals. The onboard pull handle allows for easy carrying. 

To make this deal even sweeter, the best log splitters comes with a 2 year warranty and great customer service in case something goes wrong. 


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    Powerful with its 15 amp 2.5 HP motor
  • Fume-free; eliminates carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions
  • With 2 year warranty


  • times-rectangle-o
    Usually ships within 1 to 2 months
  • times-rectangle-o
    Not as powerful as advertised; Easily gets damaged after several uses as per log splitter reviews
  • times-rectangle-o
    Does not work on all types of wood

​best gas log splitter
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Unit

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825

As per several log splitter reviews, this model from Southland is considered to be one of the most powerful cutting tools available in the market today. It makes use of an OHV gas-powered engine that can produce 8.5 ft lb of torque. It can split a 26 inch log in as fast as 17 seconds and can be used efficiently in a vertical or horizontal position.

With a well-designed internal system, you do not have to worry about over-heating of the engine. A great feature is the easy positioning switch from horizontal to vertical stances. This way, you can easily change the type of logs that you feed into the system. The wheels attached also help with creating the most ideal situation for cutting wood. 


  • check
    Maximum performance even during the most rugged conditions
  • Less heat build-up due to its advanced internal oil delivery system
  • Gets the job done in as fast as 17 seconds


  • times-rectangle-o
    Weighs 300 lbs or more. Door to door delivery is not guaranteed.
  • times-rectangle-o
    Makes use of gas hence emits irritating fumes
  • times-rectangle-o
    This 25-ton splitter is hard to move without a tow

Most Durable
NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Splitter

NorthStar Horizontal

When purchasing the best wood splitter, you are of course after a brand or model that can stand the test of time. This horizontal or vertical splitter is deemed to be the most durable because of its concentric hydraulic pump feature that adjusts flow and pressure produced automatically. It does not create tension, thus preventing damage. It produces less noise and consumes less amount of fuel.

The engine inside is a Honda certified GX270 series engine. It also comes with a heavy-duty steel reinforced hose to help with durability. Helping with fuel efficiency, the splitter comes with an auto throttle setting. This also helps with reducing the amount of noise produced by the machine as well as helping increase the lifespan of the engine.

Talking about warranties, you may not find any one better than the one offered by NorthStar. You are backed by a three level warranty system. A 4 year consumer limited warranty, 1 year commercial limited warranty, and 3 year Honda GX engine warranty. The insurity behind these warranties is oustanding.


  • check
    Prolonged engine life
  • Fast and reliable
  • Economical when it comes to fuel consumption


  • times-rectangle-o
    One customer mentioned in one of the wood splitter reviews that decals are easily curling and coming off

Less than Ideal
Ariens Company 27 Ton Model

Ariens Company 27 Ton

Though this product is of good quality, there is nothing extra special about this model considering that it is priced at over a thousand dollars. It does perform vertical and horizontal operations, but this is also true for some more advanced, top rated log splitters. It does come with a 3 year consumer warranty and a 90 day commercial warranty but there are no accessories included in the package.


  • check
    Believed to be in good quality
  • Can perform vertical and horizontal operations
  • 3 year consumer warranty + 90 day commercial warranty


  • times-rectangle-o
    A bit pricey
  • times-rectangle-o
    Cheap design. Vibrations make the parts jiggle and rattle

Types of Wood Splitters


When it comes to manual splitters, one of the main reasons for using one is that you can save money when purchasing. Gas and electric splitters can get quite expensive, especially for those who do not have plans to be cutting a lot of wood. They are typically light and easy to carry around. The simplicity of the device turns a lot of people to this typen of splitter. 

  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Hand or foot operated; relies on man for power
  • Some operate with hydraulics
  • For occasional use only


    Electric units are characterized by using an electrical cord for its power. These are the most versatile type of splitters as they sit somewhere between manual and gas splitters. Even the amount of force and splitting power that these splitters can provide lie somewhere in between the two. You will barely find electric splitters that are vertical. 
  • By far the most popular type
  • Operates using an electric motor to power the hydraulics
  • Lighter and portable
  • Can be used at different levels (ground, bench, or stand and ladder)
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Low maintenance


These are definitely not eco-friendly. Emitting off negative chemicals into the atmosphere is only one of the cons of gas splitters, however, They are definitely some of the most powerful log splitters available. These types of splitters tend to be ​large and heavy duty. More so used for commercial practices, gas splitters can also be used for personal tasks. They can be quite expensive though.

  • Largest and most powerful
  • Can split logs with greater diameter
  • Does not require an outlet to run, hence perfect for outdoor works
  • Requires regular maintenance (oil, fluid, filters, and spark plug)

Each of these splitters has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right type would depend on your needs. Electric splitters are perfect for logs with smaller diameter and are commonly used indoors. If you need to do forestry works and will deal with huge, tough logs, then you might want to consider a gas splitter. You might also want to check a less popular type, kinetic log splitter. It is very important to know what size hydraulic pump to choose.

​Different Grades

There are three main grades that basically split the way you would use the splitter. 

  1. Consumer Grade: If you are only going to be cutting logs once every week, this is the category you should be aiming for. Anywhere between 8-16 ton splitters is ideal for consumer-grade users.
  2. Prosumer Grade: A little step up on the scale, prosumer grade users tend to cut logs multiple times a year. So, getting a faster unit is recommended. Somewhere between 20-29 ton unit work best as they have the right engine to get the job done.
  3. Professional Grade: For those who will be splitting logs to make money, professional grade units are necessary. Anything over 30 tons will work best for users in this grade. Professional grades cost a lot of money, but the quality is well worth it. 


In addition to types, they also come in different styles. We touched on it briefly above. But, log splitters can come in both horizontal and vertical styles.

  • Horizontal types: These types are generally cheaper than dual style. They work great for those who only will be splittling smaller sized logs. Horizontal style s make it units ard to load larger pieces of wood on to it. For this reason, many people do not like horizontal log splitters reviews. However, for additional money, you can get hydraulic lifts to help you place the wood if you still ant a horizontal unit.
  • Vertical & Horizontal: There are very few that just come in the vertical style. Most of these types of come in both styles. Getting large logs split easily is what vertical typess are great for. Picking up wood can be difficult, so many people love going with verticial kind. It also helps that it is versatile enough to also work as a horizontal kind for smaller pieces of wood.  

Seasoning is important when trying to make a quality fire. If you are planning to season firewood on your own, be guided with these simple rules: (R)

Measure and cut the firewood based on your stove or furnace. This is normally 3 inches shorter than the measurement of your firebox. Better to have it short than longer.

Split the wood to the proper size of your burning appliance. In most cases, this should not exceed 6 inches.

How to Season Your Wood

To season the firewood perfectly, gather and store it in a place exposed to the sun.

Some firewood takes a long time to dry properly, so timing is very important. In most cases, seasoning of the firewood should be done at least 6 months before its intended use. Hardwood may require a much longer time for it to completely dry. It would also depend how green it is when you bought it and the climate.

Never cover the wood pile as it will keep the moisture in when it is raining.

There are several choices available when shopping for the best unit.  Just remember all the tips that we have discussed and you'll definitely be working with a machine that can meet or even exceed your expectations.

​Log Splitter Sizing

One important aspect of choosing a good log splitter is getting one that is sized according to your needs. Most of the time, if you are not using your log splitter commercially, getting a smaller sized unit is ideal. Most people tend to go with a 26 ton unit.


​Tonnage is something you will see often when choosing a log splitter. The tonnage is the amount of pressure that is applied against the surface by your log splitter to split the log. The more tonnage, the more pressure and the harder the wood you can split. However, there is a lot to consider when trying to decide on the right tonnage for your needs. 

​​Type of Wood

One of the most important aspects is the type that you have in your pile. Look at the diameter of the logs that you are trying to cut. The wider the wood, the higher tonnage you will want from your splitter. So, for diameters at 6-inches, you will want to go with something like a 4-ton log splitter reviews. But, for big pieces of wood that are 2-feet or wider, larger units are required such as 20-30 tonnage splitters.