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Best Gas String Trimmer I Reviews of the Top Weed Whackers I 2018

A suburban home with clean landscape and gardens is what many of us aspire to as youngsters. The problem is that well-groomed lawns and beds cost time and effort. Fortunately, a well-equipped tool shed can help to reduce the amount of effort required.

An absolute necessity for the shed is the best gas string trimmer that you can afford. We have conducted string trimmer reviews so that you can choose the best weed whacker for your home.

Best Gas String Trimmer Reviews

best gas weed eater
Husqvarna 17-Inch Unit

Husqvarna 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable

Landscape your garden quickly and effectively with this two-stroke X Torq gasoline powered trimmer. This machine is equipped with the patented Smart Start feature, which according to Husqvarna weed eater reviews has significantly reduced starter cord resistance. You can easily convert this machine into other useful garden tools with the inclusion of the many accessories available.

The versatility of this trimmer is unmatched. It is also light weight coming in at 10.8 pounds. The warranty can easily be extended to 4 years by registering your product online.


  • check
    Fuel efficient
  • Comfortable, adjustable handle
  • Prolonged usage possible
  • Easy start button
  • Easy to load trimmer head
  • Converts to other garden tools


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    A little heavy
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    Not cheap
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 Poulan ProStraight Shaft

Poulan ProStraight Shaft

Keep your lawn manicured and your driveways clear of grass and weeds with the Poulan Grass Trimmer. This two-stroke gasoline fueled trimmer can convert to six other garden tools with the purchase of optional accessories. The pull start is spring assisted for reduced start effort.

With a 17-inch cutting width, cutting your yard effectively is easy. The noise level is also low and this trimmer offers excellent speed control. It is important to note that this trimmer is non CARB compliant. Using surefire fuel, there is never any reason to worry about stalling or chocking with this trimmer. The SureFire 25cc 2-cycle engine has been proven to start smoothly every time. 


  • check
    Versatile – can be converted
  • Dual line string feed requires infrequent refill
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Inexpensive


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Tanaka 2-Cycle Gas Powered Curved Shaft

Tanaka 2-Cycle best weed wacker

Although this two-stroke gas trimmer is lightweight and light on gas emissions, it does not compromise on performance. You can expect commercial grade performance and durability from this machine. The long shaft and low vibration prevents fatigue, and its smart design reduces the amount of force required to pull start it.

It also has an anti-vibration system unlike most trimmers on the market. You will not end up losing all feeling in your hand after using this trimmer. To get a nice start, a walbro carburetor is included along with a purge bulb. This reduces the amount of engine chokes as well as makes it easier to pull start the trimmer.


  • check
    Long shaft for reduced fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Low emissions
  • Easy startup
  • Anti-vibration
  • Seven year consumer warranty, two year commercial warranty


  • times-rectangle-o
    Has no strap

Tanaka 2-Cycle Gas String Commercial Grade

Tanaka 2-Cycle

This commercial grade grass trimmer boasts high-powered efficiency will have your lawns trimmed and brush neatened in no time. The product features a spindle lock, which allows you to easily change this machine into other useful garden equipment without the use of tools.

​The durability of this trimmer is high. It has an aluminum clutch housing which will help in overheating of the trimmer. One of the main problems with commercial trimmers is overheating, especially during summer heat. Having this aluminum housing completely reduces the chances of overheating. Both the front and rear handles are padded to help you with using the trimmer for long periods of time.

​Included is an internal spindle-lock so that you are not required to use any tools for changing your attachments. Vibration is also reduced due to the lined solid steel drive shaft.


  • check
    High powered efficiency
  • Padded front and rear handles
  • Easy to start
  • Aluminum clutch housing ensures that clutch stays cool
  • Reduced vibration and fatigue technology
  • Spindle lock makes for easy change of attachments
  • Seven year consumer warranty


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    No shoulder strap
MTD 17” 4Cyc SS

The MTD four stroke weed whacker has a cycle spring assist for easy startup. Some people prefer four-stroke engines as they do not require the gasoline and oil to be mixed but they tend to be heavier. According to weed eater reviews, the product appears to have durability problems and the string breaks frequently making it less efficient.


  • check
    Spring assist starting system
  • Eliminates the need to mix fuel
  • Easily adapted for other attachments


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    Spool head difficult to load
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    Line breaks
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    Durability issues

Trimming Tips

Trimming Tips

Trimming Tips

The edge of the lawn can be treated in one of two ways. It can be tapered or edged. Tapering is best used along a curb, wall, or fence. To taper the lawn the trimmer must be held in such a manner that the string hits the grass at a small angle. (R)

Edging is best used on parallel surfaces such as where the grass meets the garden path. To edge the grass turn the trimmer so that the string is upright and then draw the trimmer over the edge that you want cut. You may encounter rocks and other debris. If the grass has not been edged before you may not get a clean edge on the first occasion, but keep it up and after a few weeks you should have an edge that is easy to maintain.

Grass and weeds tend to grow in driveways and paths. These can be cleaned up by tipping the trimmer so that the tip of the string skims over the surface cutting into the base of the unwanted plants. Make sure that you angle the trimmer carefully to avoid the wasteful use of string or an ineffective cut to the base of the weed. and if you are wondering which type to buy check out our page Gas vs Electric Weed Wacker. Learn Which is Best.

​Trimming Techniques


​​​One popular method that is done with string trimmers is edging. This is the process of cutting any grass or weeds that is growing onto your driveway or walkway. Making your driveway look nice is very simple. All you want to do is turn your trimmer sideways so that the string is cutting in a vertical pattern rather than the usual horizontal pattern. Line up the string with whatever you are trying to edge and go with the natural motion of the cut to begin edging.

​​Consistent Height

​​​Many beginner trimmers find themselves not able to keep the height of their grass level. There are many different methods you can try to keep your cutting height consistent, but we will go over one. The best way to do so would be to make sure that the bottom of the string trimmer is just barely hovering over the ground. You should be able to feel this happening. Once you get a feel for it, lock your arms so that they do not move from this height. Another important thing to remember is to keep your trimmer ​​​​​​​​​​​​​level with the ground at all times. This is especially important for hills. ​​​

​​Cutting Near Fences

​​​Another difficult challenge faced by beginner string trimmers is cutting near fences. ​​​​​​​This can be hard to get used to, but one of the best remedies is to not hold the throttle near the fence. Try to cut slowly when you get near a fence. If you hit the fence full speed, not only will the string wrap around the fence, but you will keep cutting your string shorter and shorter. This is a waste of string and annoying to keep hitting.


​​​Wearing proper gear is a great trimming technique. You never know when you might hit a limb or rock on the ground that will fly up and hit you in your eye. Always make sure to have protective glasses or goggles on. Gloves are optional. However, you should try to where pants so that the same thing does not happen to your legs. Debris flying up and hitting any part of your body can be painful. So, no matter how hot it is outside, you should try and stay covered up for your protection. ​​​​​​

How to Install New String

String Trimmer

String Trimmer

Your string trimmer will require regular refilling. This can easily be achieved if you follow a few simple rules

  1. Remove the spindle from the head.
  2. Cut the appropriate length of string.
  3. Feed one end through the hole on the spool.
  4. There should be an arrow on the spool, which indicates the direction in which the string must be wound. Follow this direction when winding the string onto the spool
  5. Secure the ends into the notches provided on the spool.
  6. Insert the spool back into the trimmer, ensuring that the ends are threaded through the holes on the spinning head.
  7. Release the string from the notches.
  8. For self winding spools, just lace the string into the spool and turn the head until the string is fully spooled.

With the correct equipment, keeping your lawns neat and trim and the weeds at bay should be accomplished with ease. This weed whacker review should assist you in finding the best weed eater to maintain your property.  

How to Pick a String Trimmer

To start, let's discuss what weed trimmer reviews are good for. When talking about string vs gas trimmers, gas trimmers are much stronger than string trimmers. If you are to be using a string trimmer, you should be only doing light jobs with is. This is an important fact to understand when choosing a string trimmer. 

Gas Trimmers Reviews

Gas string trimmers are very powerful. Any big jobs should be done with a gas string trimmer. If you plan to be cutting commercially, having a gas trimmer can make all the difference. However, they can be very loud. If you live in a smaller and quiet neighborhood, having one can be a disturbance to the neighbors. They also are not very eco-friendly.

When discussing gas string trimmers, it is hard to not talk about the different types of engines: Four-Cycle and Two-Cycle.


​​​These gas string trimmers are extremely powerful. As such, the price is much more than a two-cycle ​engine. Four Cycle engines make it much easier to start the trimmer. They are also quieter and overall produce less pollution. This is due to the fact that they do not have to have a gas and oil mix. The engine runs smooth and is very manageable.  ​​​​​​


​​​Now, two cycle engines are the exact opposite of four-cycle engines. They are cheaper, but produce more pollution. The noise level is loud and it uses a mix of oil and gas. Though, you can more easily cut an entire yard with two-cycle engines. ​​​​​​

Brush Cutter

​​​This type of trimmer is great for flattening brushes. The brush-cutting blade on this strimmer is exceptional and has bicycle-style handlebars for improved maneuverability. The great thing about brush cutters is they are made for a specific area of lawn care which means you can buy it separately from other string trimmer types. ​​​​​​