The mixture of a green thumb and a creative eye brings into the picture the beauty of nature. Gardening and landscaping have always been my passion since I was in high school. I have channeled my passion for landscaping and gardening into a collection of succulent art and planters. I have created a business inspired by succulent potted art to satisfy my urge to be in contact with nature, and create an approachable element of nature to people’s urban lives.

My passion in greenery has remained alive for a long time – from high school. Also, I have had experience working in garden centers, which has equipped me with diverse skills and knowledge in gardening and landscaping. Moreover, I have had the love for beautiful planters, and such love and passion has resulted in something more.

Greencollab is the brainchild of such passion and love for greenery. Here, we offer tips and solutions for gardening and landscaping.  Today our business has grown to be one of the most sought-after gardening companies. With our extensive experience in garden and landscaping design, we offer practical ideas as well as inspiring solutions that feature traditional garden and contemporary garden styles.

What we do

We offer advice and allow questions regarding the following areas;


Our driving factor during gardening is the fact that the most successful gardens are the ones that are designed and built through careful considering as well as tailored according to a given property and according to the tastes and interest of the people living in it. We offer tips and tricks on gardening that will see you create a beautiful garden according to your tastes and preferences. We always attain satisfaction and pleasure in seeing happy and satisfied readers.


We cover general landscaping topics amidst the design and building up of gardens.  Our articles cover simple activities such as garden clearing, planning, and projects requiring paving, decking, or even driveways. We ensure that our readers get high quality and tailored topics in landscaping.

We have unmatched experience in groundworks and hence, cover topics about all soft and hard landscaping works, including garden lighting, irrigation systems, and water gardens.

Apart from just building the gardens, our tips will help you in gardening, design process, as well as building. Whether your need is within the gardening or landscaping bracket, we have an article to set you off with the appropriate advice and solution tailored in line with your needs.